Integrity Wins The Day

In business today your reputation is your brand. Maintaining integrity is increasingly more critical to your business, and how others perceive your business practices. While how you treat your customers is very important, it’s also important how you treat your competition. Blazing your trail with a scorched earth policy might help you in the short term, but that turn-and-burn tactic will come back to haunt you in the future. Online ratings, and the forced transparency from online word-of-mouth is setting the stage for honest businesses to succeed where scamming opportunists will fail. Managing your perceived integrity can be difficult for a number of reasons. The best way to ensure your business stays out of the mud is to remain honest, work with your costumers to resolve conflicts, and quite simply… don’t be a sleazy organization. In the same way that Facebook is closing the loop on marketing initiatives through their platform, and how Apple has closed the loop on their application development, businesses need to close the loop on their products and services to maintain a high level of quality control. This is becoming a norm. If someone wants to sell you a service in online marketing… be sure and do your homework. Only buy services that can be quantified in terms of a return on investment. The days of smoke and mirrors are numbered.