The internet is 28.5 years old.

The "smart phone" is 23 years old. Because technology has evolved so rapidly in the past few decades, it’s easy to forget that the technology we rely so heavily on for our business and personal lives isn’t even 30 years old yet. The marriage of these two technologies has given birth to so many industries and new technologies, that it often seems difficult to keep up. Wearable technology, app development, augmented reality... these are the children of this marriage. One thing is for certain, this family has a long future ahead, and many generations will continue to be shaped by the technology that came from some very creative solutions. It's all about connections. Connecting phones with internet, connecting businesses with clients, connecting people with each other. Right now it seems there are limits on what technology can do for us, but the problems that go unanswered today may influence the technology of tomorrow in new ways we haven't even dreamed of yet. In business, and indeed as individuals, we must accept the adaptive path of technology and embrace the change that leads to growth. If your business is having a hard time connecting with the world, let us play match maker. We'll hook you up.