Who Is Digital Marketing Group?

Why Us?

Digital Marketing Group has helped hundreds of businesses overcome their goals. We are a multi-media production company based in New Philadelphia, Ohio that specializes in video and television production, creative marketing, website design, website development, SEO, and more. We believe that digital isn't an optional presence anymore, it's a necessity. With years of experience, the team at DMG will elevate beyond expectations. Whatever you need, our team will craft you something that everyone will be proud of.

Want To Get In Touch?

With thousands of hours dedicated to building a brand to make our customers happy, we've learned a few things. We keep the idea that the customer is always right. Whether you want to create something new or improve something that already exists, Digital Marketing Group is here for you.

What We Do

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Responsive Design and Development

The web is changing! The past few years have shown a very large increase of handheld mobile devices accessing websites. Smart devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) represent over 80% of the traffic that comes through to websites. Responsive design is our answer to them. With responsive design, a single website will automatically optimize itself, based on the size of device viewing the site.

Website Design and Redesign

Starting from the beginning? Want something fresh and fun? We’ll start with a new foundation or get the wrecking ball out and clean up that mess of a website and polish it with the latest and greatest. Whether you’re presenting a new vision or a reorganization of structure, we can bring your site a new look. Is it time for a change? We think yes.

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TV and Video Production

Do you want a unique and interesting way to represent your brand? Here at Digital Marketing Group, we work directly with you and your team to streamline production of your video. Whether it’s a extravagant commercial or just an online advertisement, our crew will bring a whole new level of personality and charisma to advertising your company.


SEO and SEM Marketing

Designing the best looking website is just not enough. Your site needs to be given to potential visitors or they will not know you exist and we know from recent years that online traffic is one of the most important factors that determines a business’s success or failure. Search engine optimization is no longer as simple as throwing a bunch of keywords up and expecting it to show up on Google or Bing. We carefully integrate information delivery with the design of your website so that we can distribute your brand to anybody and everybody that we can.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a huge part of our lives and the lines are rapidly thinning between social media, traditional search, and advertising. Potential consumers are expecting to experience brands through social media, long before purchasing so for a majority of businesses, it is hard to deny that social media is essential in an online marketing plan. The benefit of connecting on social media is to be able to increase brand exposure, generate leads, and increase direct sales.


Mobile Application Development

Sometimes a website can't do it all. With over three billion smartphones actively used every day, mobile applications have become a norm for any consumer. We can help you find the best way to design, develop, and publish your application. Creating a unique, rich, and immersive user experience for your application is our number one priority.